Looking Ahead

As I write this I’m thinking about two societal norms for the Christmas/New Year season. First, we make wishes for Christmas and second, we make resolutions for the New Year. But what I believe is that only by combining the two can we actual get what we want. Allow me to explain.

Many of you know that in my younger days I coached and one of the clichés of the sports world is that “luck is when preparation meets opportunity.” That is a simplistic way of communicating to players that if you prepare well enough in practice then in the midst of the game you find success. I’m thinking that Christmas wishes and New Year’s resolutions are the same. If we resolve to work hard at something then our wish for success will be granted.


Thanking Our Vets

November is an amazing month for giving thanks. Christians start on November 1st with All Saints Day giving thanks for the faithful who have died. In the United States we give thanks to those who have served in the military on November 11th, Veterans Day. Then we round out the month by celebrating Thanksgiving Day. Although we set aside these special days to say thanks in both religious and secular traditions, our mothers taught us to say ‘thank you’ as a matter of politeness every time someone did something for us. I fear that I often forget to thank people when I should so let me take this opportunity to do so. Thank you to …

Ranting and Raving

The subtitle this month should be ranting and raving because I’m doing both. A little background: I love music and have somehow developed quite diverse interests in everything from Broadway, Beethoven and Fall Out Boy to classic country, modern country rock, and Crown the Empire. I even have some bagpipe music on my iPod.

As you might imagine, I also enjoy the marching bands at high school and college football games. Those of you who have known me for even a short time are aware that I am not a big fan of Aggies, but I admit that when the Fighting Texas Aggie Band strikes up the Aggie War Hymn and steps off in incredibly straight lines I am amazed by the sight and stirred by the sound.

April is Child Abuse Prevention Month

April is Child Abuse Prevention Month, a time to focus on the protection and care of our most vulnerable and trusting resources – our children.  Child Abuse Prevention Month has been observed each April since its first presidential proclamation in 1983. Since that time, individuals and organizations have joined during April to raise the public’s awareness of child abuse and its prevention.

Over 264,000 Texas children are reported as abused or neglected and nearly 67,000 confirmed victims in 2010, according to Child Protective Services, a division of the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services. April is child abuse prevention month in Texas and in the nation. 

Twitter: It’s Not Just “What’s For Breakfast?” Anymore

Twitter has changed my life. Seriously. – Part in a series

And I’m not the only one.


Teaching professionals have found ways to use Twitter to share resources and lend quick support to peers with similar interests. For educators who use this tool to build a network of people whose Twitter messages connect to their work, Twitter becomes a constant source of new ideas to explore.

Twitter as a backchannel (def?) has ***transformed the interactions among the participants of a conference, including those who weren’t in attendance. It adds a second layer of discussion and brings a wider audience into what would have been a private exchange. In addition, a Twitter backchannel gives the event an afterlife on the Web.

Right Where We Need To Be

In 1965, Ohio State University professor Bruce Tuckman published a theory called the Stages of Group Development. If you have studied group/organizational leadership since 1965 you have learned the theory even if no one told you who created it or what it was called. Most of us know it as the Forming, Storming, Norming, and Performing stages. Organizations have certain characteristics at each stage:

Sept. 15 is Power Up at Your Library Day

 Dorcas Hand, Editor of TASL Talks http://tasltalks.blogspot.com/2016/08/september-15-power-up-day-from-tla.html


Remember all the way back to April when TLA Conference was here in Houston? IdeasPowered as a PR program was unveiled there by outgoing TLA president Susan Mann and the TLA PR and Marketing Committee – check out the video from the event.  It was powerful at conference – the idea wall was amazing! And really, “Ideas Powered – It’s What We Do” is exactly the right slogan for Texas school librarians along with our colleagues in other kinds of libraries.

The R10 Dream Team

Yesterday I was part of one of the best Region 10 events of the year. Every year we host a “gala” luncheon for all of the Teachers of the Year selected by our ISDs and Charters. This annual event is exciting and exhilarating to attend because you realize the room is filled with those who represent the best of the education profession. The honorees are those chosen as the best in their districts. Yesterday’s theme drew on the Olympics as we termed those teachers our “Dream Team”.

Quotes With Character

As we head into the heat of the summer, here are ten inspirational quotes to get you fired up about the important work we do.

“Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world.” – Nelson Mandela

“Free the child’s potential and you will transform him into the world.” – Maria Montessori

“Intelligence plus character – that is the goal of true education.” – Martin Luther King Jr.