Inclusionary Services -what does it mean to teach all students

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    Begin by asking each participant to write down what they believe makes for successful differentiated activities, as well as what role inclusion plays in today’s classroom. When they are done, have the participants share those thoughts.

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    Introduce the various models of inclusion, such as co-teaching or alternative teaching, and give examples of how they are utilized in the classroom.

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    Demonstrate various differentiated instruction strategies, such as jigsaw activities or anchor activities, and explain how they are used in the classroom.

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    Go over the various accommodations that special education students might need, such as extra time, and explain how to incorporate the strategies for inclusion and differentiated instruction.

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    Have the participants write down a lesson that they normally teach. Then, have them adapt that lesson to include both differentiated instruction activities as well as how it would be adapted to an inclusive classroom.

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