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February 6th, Join the Nation for Digital Learning Day

A Word From a Rebellious Reader….

At 15, I wanted to be a fashion designer…not a reading specialist or literacy consultant. In fact, reading was the last thing on my mind. After all, whoever heard of getting a date from reading a book? Fast forward one year to the summer between my sophomore and junior year. My sister graduated college and […]

26% of Apps are Used Only Once

That’s a frightening thought isn’t it?  I have loads and loads of apps on the 3 iPads that the Region has available for checkout.  I have a hard time remembering why I downloaded them and keeping up with them!  I have equal amounts on my phone and my personal iPad.  So what to do?  This […]

Making Change Happen and Not Hurt

Public education is in a period of extreme change.  As a result, many school folks are in a state of flux and chaos.  Chaos is extremely uncomfortable and causes stress to the individuals and to the organization as a whole.  If you are looking for a resource that may provide you with ideas of how […]

What are you reading? How are you you sharing your reads?

Hello Fellow readers,  As professionals, we promote reading to our students and staff on a regular basis.  Does anyone want to know what you are reading?  I was recently in a school in which every door had a laminated sign outside that stated Mr. or Mrs. ________ is currently reading __________. The signs were personalized […]

Needing Inspiration?

Today an e-book came across my email that inspired me and made me laugh and cry at the same time.  If you are needing to read something that will do the same for you, check out this link: Each story is a treasure!  Enjoy!

Grammatical Pet Peeves

I hate the word utilize, the non-word irregardless, and the smushed non-word alot, used instead of a lot. Those things make me angry and cause my stomach to hurt. It’s possible I’m over reacting, but I like to think not. Utilize is almost never appropriate. Why use a long word when a shorter one will do? In my […]

Nerds of the World, Unite!

Caution!  This blog may be hazardous to your schedule…you won’t want to stop reading!  

Moving Your Numbers: How to Improve Outcomes for Students

Today I was attending the first day of TCASE conference and heard an outstanding presentation by Dr. Brian McNulty of the Leadership and Learning Center. Here is a sample of how to use data to drive improved outcomes for all students: Framework- Key Practices 1. Use Data Well 2. Focus and Limit Goals and Strategies 3. Select […]

CTE students…who they are and who they are not!

CTE students are NOT “those kids who aren’t going to college”! We hear this just about every day it seems!  The 2012 Performance Based Monitoring Analysis System report shows that Region 10 CTE students outperform the state levels in most all areas. Who are Career and Technical Education students? They are ALL students,  from our […]