Moving Your Numbers: How to Improve Outcomes for Students

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Today I was attending the first day of TCASE conference and heard an outstanding presentation by Dr. Brian McNulty of the Leadership and Learning Center.

Here is a sample of how to use data to drive improved outcomes for all students:

Framework- Key Practices

1. Use Data Well

2. Focus and Limit Goals and Strategies

3. Select and Implement Shared Instructional Practices

4. Implement Deeply

5. Monitor, Provide Feedback and Support

6. Inquire and Learn

Several great quotes were used as well:

” It is not what we know that makes a difference for kids, it is what we do!”

“To close the achievement gap, we first must close the implementation gap.”

“Know thy impact!”

“Focus is the first obligation of leaders:

  • on specific instructional practices
  • on continuous learning of effective practices and the development of teacher teams

A very practical session using free tools to help leadership and teacher teams to drive systems change to improve the instructional practices for all students. 

Inspiring…wished you all could have heard him…

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