What are you reading? How are you you sharing your reads?

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Hello Fellow readers,  As professionals, we promote reading to our students and staff on a regular basis.  Does anyone want to know what you are reading?  I was recently in a school in which every door had a laminated sign outside that stated Mr. or Mrs. ________ is currently reading __________.

The signs were personalized with the teacher/admin/staff person’s name and was laminated so they could keep up with current reading.  I was so impressed to see signs outside the counselor, nurse, cafeteria, principal and any virtually any other place I looked.  Talk about modeling!  This school clearly puts a high priority on literacy as a school and it shows as you walk down the halls.  The signs listed personal reading, professional reading, journal articles, newspaper, etc. so students could see the adults on their campus read for a variety of purposes and read a variety of types of texts.

What do you do as a reader to share what you are reading? I would love to hear your great ideas!

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