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Michael Fullen Webinar Today—free!

Join me at an earlier-than-normal time on Friday, February 22nd, for a live and interactive conversation with Michael Fullan, Special Advisor to the Premier and Minister of Education in Ontario, and author of (among other books), Motion Leadership and Motion Leadership in Action. Ontario is considered one of the great success stories for education […]

Books on Film: The Library Workout Tape

Books on Film: The Library Workout Tape.

Technology Applications TEKS PD & More Released through Region 10

  TEA has released new professional development courses that are now available through Region 10 in Project Share. ESC 10 TALA Tier I Online Texas Adolescent Literacy Academy v1.0     ESC 10 Texas Student Data System Unique ID System   In addition, there were six Technology Applications TEKS PD courses released. For details about each […]

Early Childhood Summer Institute

The Region 10 Preschool Services Team is pleased to announce that the 2013 Early Childhood Summer Institute (ECSI) is now open for registration! This annual event is an exciting time for professionals involved the field of early childhood to come together and gain valuable knowledge. This year, ECSI will once again be held in Frisco […]

A Rose by Any Other Name…. or What is the Deal with Library Signage?

I know it is a disgraceful thing to admit but I know it happens to all overworked librarian-types who do their best to read articles, professional books, blogs, wikis, and perhaps an occasional webinar.  I recently read an article from somewhere {Citation Gods, forgive me!] that mentioned libraries should consider using the label Informational versus […]

You are NEVER too old for a story!

THE 28TH ANNUAL       TEXAS STORYTELLING FESTIVAL “Maps, Music & Merriment” MARCH 7-10, 2013 Denton Civic Center 321 E. McKinney Street Denton, Texas    


So, I have noticed a phenomenon with my reading habits. I use Shelfari to keep track of books I read, want to read, hate, like, etc. One of the features that I most like about sites like Shelfari is that it keeps track of my reading statistics. Did I read more books in January or […]

Science for the Lifeskillz Studentz

Ok, I’m doing the “cutesy” spelling because I am inspired by a brand new product, Sciencewerkz.  This wonderful digital learning product was brought to my attention by Phil Neill (  The product is a line of interactive ebooks for tablets, such as iPad and Android OS-based, as well as computers.  Each ebook includes interactive tools […]

Big Books, By George!

By George, I think they’ve done it!  I received from Phil Neill (  an except from the GEMS, by George, a literacy program designed for students with mild or moderate disabilities.  This program fills a dire need in the lifeskills classroom:  ready to go age appropriate, grade level, material correlated to the TEKS.  The GEMS, […]

A Case for the iPad

  Special education classrooms that utilize iPads for student use have many concerns!  A big concern is the protection of the investment from falls, throws, stomps, and other hazzards present.  Recently I was given a GoNow case for the iPad, a product available from Attainment Company, Inc.  First of all carrying the item.  The nice […]