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Poetry in April and ALL YEAR Round!

Officially, Poetry month starts on April 1st.   We all know poetry begins at birth and continues beyond.  I dare you to to find a poem that speaks to you today!   There are so many sources of poetry that there are NO excuses.  I truly believe there is a poem for every occasion, for […]

Poetry Resources Symbaloo

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What’s up in the Legislature?

When the Texas Legislature is in session, there is never a dull moment!! Coupled with President Obama’s early childhood education initiatives that are potentially in play at the federal level, it is fascinating to watch what is happening in the Texas Legislature as well as in the Federal Legislature. Following are some links that allow […]

Next week coming quickly….

Whoosh! There went the first bit of the school year……and, it’s here! Time to start spring STAAR testing. Next week marks the beginning of test administrations. We have 5th and 8th graders taking math and reading, 4th and 7th graders taking writing, and English I, II, and III taking reading and writing. Good luck to […]

Mandatory Reporting of Child Abuse

                            We constantly tell the world that children are our most treasured resource. We must start acting as if they are.  And now a word about this from the Texas Education Agency:  Re: Child Abuse and Neglect Reporting and Requirements  The purpose […]

83rd Legislature

There have been filed a slew of bills impacting assessment…particularly as it pertains to End of Course. Yesterday, the Texas House of Representative acted on one of those bills….HB 5 passed the house (quite decidedly, I might add) with a vote of 145 to 2. This will significantly impact districts and students. To highlight, HB […]

Revised Texas Core Competencies for Early Childhood Practitioners and Administrators

The Texas Early Learning Council just released an updated version of the Texas Core Competencies for Early Childhood Practitioners. Included in the updated document you will find new resources for professionals and refined core competency statements. This document helps professionals in the field of early childhood education be more aware of the skills and knowledge […]

Bad Ideas

  With a nod to Jonathan Swift, I’d like to submit my own modest proposal of ways to destroy a gifted education program. I invite and encourage you to add your own bad ideas to this list. Sarcasm is not only an art form–it’s also therapeutic! 1.  Have your gifted children act as tutors for the rest […]

Remembering our Passion

Throughout my career I have met many people who could not read – adults, teenagers, children. I am a reading specialist…I teach people to read. I can’t express the sadness I feel when I meet someone who does not know the joy of being a reader or the joy I feel when I see it […]

The Importance of Recess

The American Academy of Pediatrics recently released a policy statement on the importance of unstructured play for the overall healthy development of children. The report was published in the January issue of Pediatrics: The Official Journal of the American Academy of Pediatricians. The abstract of the report notes the importance of recess in the overall […]