Remembering our Passion

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Throughout my career I have met many people who could not read – adults, teenagers, children. I am a reading specialist…I teach people to read. I can’t express the sadness I feel when I meet someone who does not know the joy of being a reader or the joy I feel when I see it all “click.” Years ago, I met a woman who changed my life. She was a 40 year old kitchen manager who couldn’t read. She was up for a promotion but was scared to pursue it because she wasn’t sure if she could read the things that would be required. She began calling schools to find someone who could help her read. Coincidentally, her phone call got forwarded to me. In a matter of 6 weeks, she went from reading at a 4th grade level to an 11th grade level. She was a brilliant and brave woman. Recently, I sat in a hallway with a 16 year old who did not know his vowels and consonants. As I sat there showing him hand signals that would assist his brain in accessing those sounds, I remembered why I got into this business. His eyes said “I want to learn this….but I don’t know how.” In this time of year when things are filled with stress and testing….let’s remember why we are here. We are creating readers and writers!

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