Bad Ideas

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With a nod to Jonathan Swift, I’d like to submit my own modest proposal of ways to destroy a gifted education program. I invite and encourage you to add your own bad ideas to this list. Sarcasm is not only an art form–it’s also therapeutic!

1.  Have your gifted children act as tutors for the rest of the class when they finish their assignments early. This will free up the teachers to do important things like checking their March Madness brackets.

2. Assume that gifted kids are highly motivated. Without exception, their advanced abilities cause them to become mature and sophisticated at an early age. There’s no need to pay any attention to them in your classroom. Focus 100% of your attention on struggling learners.

3. Give your GT students twice as much work as the other students. It will benefit them to repeat an assignment they can already do, so pour it on.

4. If you teach primarily GT students, brag to your colleagues that you have the students who are easy to teach. It will not only strengthen your rapport with your colleagues, but it will reassure the students that they should cultivate their own perfectionism.

5. Reign in that singular passion your GT student has. When students care deeply about something, help them understand that they are only young people, and there’s no way they can make a difference in the world. They need more balance in their lives.

Join the think tank. What are your bad ideas?



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