83rd Legislature

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There have been filed a slew of bills impacting assessment…particularly as it pertains to End of Course. Yesterday, the Texas House of Representative acted on one of those bills….HB 5 passed the house (quite decidedly, I might add) with a vote of 145 to 2. This will significantly impact districts and students.

To highlight, HB 5 does the following:

  1. Reduces the number of required end-of-course exams from 15 to 5.
  2. Eliminates the cumulative score requirement and the 15% rule.
  3. The reduction of end-of-course exams will provide more time for engaging instruction and project-based learning and will allow teachers to assess student achievement beyond their responses to multiple choice test questions.
  4. Creates one “foundation” diploma that will prepare students for postsecondary opportunities, while providing them with flexibility and options to earn endorsements in areas of personal interest in the following areas: STEM, Business & Industry, Public Services, Arts & Humanities, or Multidisciplinary Studies.
  5. Allows all high school graduates to be eligible to apply for admission to a Texas public four-year university.
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