Rejuvenated and Revived!

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So, I am still on a bit of a euphoric high after attending the IRA conference in San Antonio this past weekend.  I sort of felt like I was at the Literacy Grammy Awards!  I mean my nerd antennae were on full throttle all weekend long.  I was like stalking paparazzi trying to get pictures with my favorite authors and favorite researchers (yes, I have favorite researchers…ah…swoon….Steve Graham and Karen Harris).  I enjoyed “table talks” with fellow participants like Rose Capelli and Lynne Dorfman(!) and got to hear Stephanie Harvey(!) chime in from the audience during Harvey “Smokey” Daniels’s session!!!  And while the name dropping won’t cease for at least a few more days….what really got me excited was the fact that all of these people who write books that we all get on Amazon waiting lists for were ATTENDING sessions and LEARNING themselves.  Just as reading feeds the writer…learning feeds the teacher.  I went to the conference needing to be rejuvenated, and I came back feeling energized and full of ideas.  That is a GREAT feeling!

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