New GED Testing Opportunities at Region 10!

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In response to the increasing need for GED testing, Region 10 Education Service Center, in conjunction  with Garland ISD, will be opening a new GED Testing Center at our Spring Valley building. This new state-of-the-art Pearson VUE® computer-based facility will serve the needs of candidates from Region 10.

The testing center should be operational by October and will initially be open two nights a week and the first two Saturdays per month to accommodate GED candidates. The service center anticipates expanding days and hours based on need.

So what is of interest relative to a GED Center? According to the 2012 Annual Statistical Report on the GED Test, the average age of the GED tester is slightly higher than 26. The average age of a test passer is 25.5. Candidates who were 16 to 18 years old represented 21.7% of test takers, while those over 50 represented only 3.7%. 73.5% of the test passers had completed the 10th grade.

Did you know? The average time since a GED test taker has been away from school is 8 years. 23.5% of test takers indicate that they have been out of school for one year or less while 32.2% wait more than 10 years before taking the GED. Approximately, 15% of test takers have taken the GED before.

What else do we know? 55.7% of test takers were male and 44.3% were female. Males represented a higher percentage of passers than takers, at 58.8%.

The ethnic breakout is as follows: White- 44.3%, African American- 24.3%, Hispanic- 14.7%, 9.9% Pacific Islander/Hawaiian, 4.0% American Indian/Alaska Native and 2.2% Asian.

In Texas, 44,369 GED tests were completed, of which 29,938 or 67.5% passed. Nationwide, 28,880 Spanish tests were taken. 4,538 or 15% of those were in Texas.

What about the pass rate? The passing rate has remained relatively stable since 2002, ranging from 68.0% to 72.2%. In 2012, the passing rate was 68.8%.

Know someone who needs to take advantage of our program? More information about Region 10’s GED Testing Center can be found by contacting Bob Barnes (

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