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New Study Wants to Improve Treatment for Dyslexia

I came across this article over the weekend and thought it was worth sharing with you. Neuroscientist, Sarah Laszio at Binghamton University will begin a five year study of 150 children with and without dyslexia. She wants to understand what is going on in the brain while a child is reading. This study will include […]

Library 2.013 Conference – Library 2.0 **Free**Virtual

  Library 2.013 Conference – Library 2.0. The third annual global conversation about the future of libraries is scheduled for October 18-19, 2013. The conference will once again be held entirely online around the clock in multiple languages and time zones. Everyone is invited to participate in this FREE forum designed to foster collaboration and knowledge […]

Trick or Treat: Classroom Management

Believe it or not, October is not only the month full of colorful leaves and crisp cool weather but it is also a month when the gremlins truly come out in the classroom.  Discipline data indicates that it is during this month discipline referrals begin to spike.  Do you wonder why?  The honeymoon period of […]

Social Networking for Educators

All too often the headlines point out when an educator, who is held to a higher standard of conduct, is caught doing something that is questionable. As social media continues to grow, incidents involving Facebook, Twitter, and other mainstream social media outlets appear to increase as well. Because of this, according to an Education Week […]