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9 Things Changing on the New SAT

The test that we have all come to know and love has had some ‘work’ done. Nine procedures to be exact. 1. Students must use evidence in their answers 2. Vocabulary will be more practical 3. Math section will cover fewer topics 4. Calculators will be banned from portions of the math section 5. Widely-read […]

Spring Fever? Quotes to get the Work Done

As the weather gets warmer and spring is finally here, I  sometimes suffer from spring fever — no, not the kind with sinus infections or a cough but that lazy  feeling of let’s just put that off.  Well, this spring I have decided to keep the following quotes in front of me at work and […]

How Does Your Garden Grow?

Spring is near and it is the perfect time to start thinking about a garden! Young children have a hard time imagining that a tiny little seed can grow into a yummy vegetable or beautiful flower, so help bring this experience to life for them – literally! Read a book about planting and growing a […]

And the winner is…

As I was watching the Oscars this week, my mind wondered away from the gorgeous gowns and the red carpet and drifted to a world where books would be given as much adulation, admiration, and respect as the movies, many of which started as a book!   Can you imagine the reporters asking the stars strolling […]

March 3-7 is Texas Public Schools Week

To celebrate Texas public schools this week is an opportunity to spotlight some of our teachers.  Today I want to spotlight Jeanie Greenidge who teaches at O’Banion Middle School in Garland ISD.  Please read her story  in The Visibility Factor  which is published in the current edition of Teaching Tolerance.  The article can be found on-line at:

This Week

Here are some reminders for the day and for the week! First, don’t forget to vote! Today is the day to vote in the primary elections in Texas. The winners of the primary elections will be on the ballot for the November 4th general election.  Having the right to vote is something that shouldn’t be […]

A Recipe for Awesome – by Guest Blogger, Aimee Bartis

EdCampAwesome was Saturday, February 22nd at Royse City High School.  EdCampAwesome certainly lived up to it’s name.  I had the pleasure of working as an organizer for EdCampAwesome.  After everything wrapped up, several people asked about putting on their own EdCamp. Here’s a recipe for an Awesome EdCamp. Start with 2 guys (or gals) with […]