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The Texas Kindergarten Entry Assessment Project

There is a project underway to develop a kindergarten entry assessment for Texas. As reported on the webpage for this effort, the overall goal of this project is to develop a comprehensive screening assessment which can be reliably administered by kindergarten teachers and is a valid predictor of academic success.  Ultimately, the assessment will be […]

Beyond Picture Books

After 27 ¾ years in the classroom, I have begun a new journey as the newest member of the Literacy Team at Region 10.  As honored as I am to be here, I feel a kindred spirit with Scaredy Squirrel!  I have ventured into the Unknown!  As with any new adventure, I’ve taken some wrong […]

Jessica Hart Interview

INTERVIEW WITH JESSICA HART AND HER MOTHER BETTY HART   When and how long were you in the program? I started the Richardson ISD Transition Program in May 2002-January 2006.  I was in the program for 4 years. What was a typical day in the program like? There was no typical day.  I went to […]

Celebrating Pay It Forward Day

Have you ever been in line to get coffee and the person in front of you pays for your order? It makes you feel pretty great. It makes you want to pass that feeling on to someone else. The ripple effect of just one small act of kindness can make a positive difference in so many people’s lives!In […]

Make Way for the Robots

Region 10 Education Service Center is excited to pilot a new program called Reggie’s Robots. This program will utilize VGo Robots, an innovative solution that allows students to attend classes via interactive video conferencing while recovering from long-term illness, injury, or other factors preventing the student from being present in the classroom.   Using a […]

Attitude Does Matter!

Looking for Summer PD?

North Texas educators will have the chance to fill their summer with many professional development opportunities. Below are links to information about workshops, trainings and conferences that will serve to increase teacher and administrator efficacy. Coppell ISD iDesign: June 18-20, 2014 – TECHnique Week What is iDesign? 3 days focused on design TECHniques for transformative integration […]

450 Years Old and Still Relevant!!!

WORLD BOOK NIGHT is a celebration of literacy by publishers, bookstores, libraries and individuals who love books and reading.  On WORLD BOOK NIGHT – Wednesday, April 23, 2014 — 25,000 “book givers” will each give away 20 copies of a specially-printed, not-for-resale WBN edition of book they have read and loved (from a list of […]

One Picture = 1000 Words

Sample Questions from the new SAT

Last March, the College Board announced that the SAT would be receiving a face-lift so that it could better assess students. Students will begin taking the new assessment in 2016. The biggest overall change to the test is its requirement for students to “demonstrate sound thinking, rather than test-taking skills” (Jaschik, 2014). Click on the […]