Make Way for the Robots

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Region 10 Education Service Center is excited to pilot a new program called Reggie’s Robots. This program will utilize VGo Robots, an innovative solution that allows students to attend classes via interactive video conferencing while recovering from long-term illness, injury, or other factors preventing the student from being present in the classroom.


Using a computer and mouse from home or the hospital, the student is able to “drive” the robot to classes and school assemblies. In class, the student will be able to actively participate in lessons, discussions and group work. This allows the student to receive quality instruction without falling behind on coursework,  develop and maintain strong teacher and peer relationships, and stay socially connected. These factors have been shown to boost the student’s morale, providing tangible health benefits.


Districts benefit from this service by reducing homebound teacher/tutor costs, ensuring homebound students receive a quality education, and in some circumstances receiving ADA revenue with the use of waivers. An added benefit is increased community support and recognition for providing innovative technology solutions for students.


This pilot program will be administered through the Region 10 Interactive Videoconference (IVC) Service. During the pilot, Reggie’s Robots will be provided at no cost to IVC members and will be loaned to districts on a case-by-case basis. Region 10 ESC will begin the program with five (5) robots in 2014-2015 and is looking for various scenarios to test during the pilot next year.


Detailed guidelines, district requirements, video clips of VGo success stories in classrooms, and the Request for Consideration form can be found at

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