Jessica Hart Interview

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When and how long were you in the program?
I started the Richardson ISD Transition Program in May 2002-January 2006.  I was in the program for 4 years.

What was a typical day in the program like?
There was no typical day.  I went to Richland College for non-credit courses. I would go to the library to work on research.  The Transition Program provided transportation training.  We worked on a lot of employment skills such as this is how you interview, and apply for a job.  They taught appropriate behavior at a job.  I took a course and then I helped teach the course.  The fun part of the course was roll playing. 

What do you do for Region 10?
I am a secretary.  I do ICS entry and I types= evaluations.  I put labels, spines and covers for binders.  I alphabetize documents. I find pictures on the internet for APE. I hole punch, laminate, shred and any other duty as assigned.

How did the program help you to do what you are doing now?
The Transition program helped me to understand how to interview.  The program provided a job coach.  She came to Region 10 with me and found out things that she could to do help me in my job and she helped me to get her trained. She figured out how to set up my desk and make it accessible. I worked at Region 10 as a vocational adjustment class (VAC) student before I got this job.  It was like an internship.   This internship made me want to work here at Region 10.  I also work as a volunteer for the Richardson Police Department.  The program encourages volunteering.

What is your favorite memory of the program?
This may sound silly but it was getting the job at Region 10.  It took me 3 years.  The job I did before was telemarketing and it was the worst job ever. It was 7 months and too long.

How did you get involved in the program?
If you have a qualifying disability you had the option to participate in some type of transition training.  They talked about the program in the ARD meeting when I was in high school.

Anything else you think people may want to know about the program?
I can only speak for myself.  I don’t think I could have gotten the experience to do this job without the transition program.  The program helped in meeting people.  I wouldn’t have had the opportunities or learned as much without this experience.

Jessica Working

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Jessica Hart at work.


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