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Interesting article from Delaware Valley Friends School

As I waited at the copier for my twenty copies, I noticed a discarded article titled, “The Possibility and Pragmatics of Identifying, Implementing, and Assessing the Use of Assistive Technology among LD Adolescents: A Classroom View from the Trenches.” Okay, the title grabbed my attention, but I wanted to know more about the author of […]

Servant Leadership

Servant leadership is for everyone of us— not just those with the title that implies leadership.  Do you want to make a difference?  Do you want to work with others to make positive improvement on the job?  Do you want to help students get ready to be independent?  If you answered yes to any of […]

Proposed New Regulations for Military Families

The Department of Defense has issued proposed revisions to their special education regulations that impact schools operated by DoDEA. The present regs do not provide for a child with a disability who moves from a public school with an IEP to a DoDEA school to be entitled to a “comparable” IEP. However, the civilian child […]

Dropout Identification, Prevention, & Recovery Regional Committee

Dropout Identification, Prevention, & Recovery Regional Committee Dropout Identification, Prevention, and Recovery (DIPR) department goals: Establish a DIPR regional advisory committee. Provide professional development opportunities facilitated by national, state, and regional leaders which    focuses on best practices in the identification, prevention, and recovery of dropout elementary and  secondary students. Host a DIPR Summit in […]


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