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What’s Going On Inside the Brain of A Curious Child?

Why do birds fly? Why do people sleep? Why? Why? I have a six year old grandson that never stops asking why and this is a good thing! I came across this article posted on Reading Rocket’s November newsletter and found the information quite interesting. So, I wanted to pass it along to you. The […]

10 Holiday Stressors for Kids with Learning and Attention Issues

I was reading a blog by Amanda Morin in the latest issue of UNDERSTOOD and thought that this blog could provide timely information for teachers and parents/families and could also provide some insights to what we all can do to help kids with disabilities cope during this holiday season.  I share her information with you to help […]

White House Summit on Early Childhood Education

The White House Summit on Early Childhood Education is streaming live right now at the following link! Tune in now if you can. If not, hopefully this will be recorded and we can view it at a later date!