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 Resources and Assistance with Implementing the New Math TEKS

This year has been particularly challenging for K-8 mathematics teachers.  The new math TEKS were adopted by the State Board of Education in 2012 after weeks of teacher committee meetings and public review.  The Adopted 2012 Mathematics Standards (their official name) are being implemented in two steps:  Kindergarten through eighth grade this year and high school courses in 2015-2016.  These standards represent a significant change or shift in content from prior years.  For example all of the probability standards have moved out of K-6 to 7th grade.  Statistical graphs from middle school have almost all landed in elementary – fifth grade students will be constructing scatterplots, formerly an 8th grade skill.  All kinder through eighth grade students have brand new personal financial literacy standards – an entirely new strand in mathematics.  There is also a greater emphasis on mathematical process standards as well – how students learn, communicate and apply mathematics.   However, we are hearing wonderful stories about teachers in our districts who are rising to the challenge.

In order to help our teachers, the Region 10 mathematics consultants have rallied together to create 12 new face-to-face professional development workshops, in additional to our other offerings, focused on K-8 mathematics concepts and two online professional development courses to provide the in-depth content knowledge to hundreds of teachers in the region.  Together we have also provided countless customized professional learning and facilitated planning sessions for campuses and districts.  The annual Region 10 Mathematics Collaborative, which provided 100+ hours of professional learning to almost 40 grades 4 through Algebra I math teachers, focused on the new mathematics standards.   In addition, we produced 35 short videos called “Understanding the Standards” as well as other tools to help teachers with the new standards which are available.

Originally, we had hoped for an “overlap” STAAR test that would only assess standards which carried over from prior years.  Unfortunately, there wasn’t enough “overlap” in grades 3 through 8.  Consequently, while there will be an “overlap” STAAR year in 2016 for the high school courses, there will not be an “overlap” STAAR this spring for grades 3 to 8.  To help teachers with this challenge, we provided special webinars and face-to-face sessions to keep teachers up to date on the latest testing information from TEA and to prepare for the 2015 tests.

Online course are available 24-7 to fit into busy schedules.  We also suggest you complete online courses as part of your Professional Learning Community (PLC) to enrich the experience with collegial collaboration.  You will find our online courses at and the special resources we created for the new math TEKS, including the videos at  Our Region 10 Math Page  has a list of our upcoming face-to-face sessions open to all teachers in the Region are listed in Upcoming Mathematics Professional Development as well as contact information for our math consultants and how to sign up for our mathematics listservs.  More information about the Region 10 Mathematics Collaborative is found at

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