Great things going on in Region XII! District Dyslexia Awareness Night at Lorena ISD

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There is an old saying: “You can’t really understand another person’s experience until you’ve walked a mile in his shoes.”

This was the focus for our District Dyslexia Awareness night. We wanted our parents and teachers to gain a better understanding of the challenges our students with dyslexia face in the classroom on a daily basis through a dyslexia simulation in which teachers and parents experienced some of the challenges someone with dyslexia could face. This powerful experience left many walking away with a new understanding and perspective.

Cindy Patterson, Lorena ISD Dyslexia teacher

“I was amazed and excited at the same time at the look on the parents faces when they had to try to learn how their own child is trying to learn.  Very eye opening!”- Dorie Linnstaeder, teacher

“After going through the stations in the Dyslexia Awareness Night, I realized that the learning that I take for granted is very difficult and frustrating for the children with dyslexia.  I appreciate the way the small groups were set up and presented to us.  It made me aware that some instructors, myself included, could expect a lot from students who are unable to perform at the same rate as me or others.  It was definitely an evening that helped me become AWARE of what these children are going through.” – Lowell Anderson, Lorena Elementary School Principal

I wanted to express my gratitude to the teachers of Lorena ISD for the recent Dyslexia work shop.  It was an incredible opportunity to gain understanding of how my son faces his daily school routine.  I was also very moved by the number of teachers from Lorena ISD who participated and seemed emotional from the experience. Shelly Oliver, parent

Lorena ISD used the Experience Dyslexia® Simulation Kit from NCBIDA

Experience Dyslexia® is the latest version of NCBIDA’s popular learning disabilities simulation. The simulation is a hands-on activity that lets participants experience some of the challenges and frustrations faced by people with this language-based learning disability. The updated simulation provides a lively, thought-provoking activity for teachers, parents, or anyone interested in better understanding the lives of individuals with dyslexia.

For more information on the simulation used at Lorena ISD:

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