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What Pet Should I Get?

Did you hear the big news?!? A recently discovered Dr. Seuss book went on sale this week! The release of this new book comes 25 years after the author’s last work, “Oh, The Places You’ll Go!” The book is entitled “What Pet Should I Get?” and features the same brother and sister pair that we […]

Make Reading Clubs Work for Teachers

TEACHING STRATEGIES Five Clever Ideas to Spark Independent Reading by Kids  By Katrina Schwartz   JULY 22, 2015 This post by  Katrina Schwartz in KQED News discusses an excellent suggestion by one educator determined to get more teachers engaged in book clubs.  First, she tied book club participation to continuing education credit to offer incentive to […]

Summer Conference

Last week, Region 10 Preschool Services conducted our big Summer Event! This year, our theme was Now4Forever, emphasizing the impact that the early childhood years have on the future. Our presenters included experts from the field of early childhood education and included national experts, local favorites, and current school practitioners. Topics addressed were trauma-informed schools, […]