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Do You Read Banned Books?

Celebrating the Freedom to Read: Sept. 27- Oct. 3, 2015 by Terry Roper, R10 Library Consultant Have you ever read a great book that touched you personally and were then shocked to find out it had been challenged in some communities?  Books have been challenged for many decades and for various reasons.  You might be surprised […]

Seeking Leadership Balance

by Gordon Taylor/Region 10 ESC Executive Director I have a blue 3×5 notecard on my desk labeled “Leadership Balance”. It’s there to continually remind me about my personal role as a leader as well as Region 10’s role as a leader in Texas education. The points below from author and speaker John Maxwell force me […]

Connections are the Key!

Welcome to the new year!  I hope everyone’s year has gotten off to a great start.  I know that, for me, this year is the start of many new and exciting adventures, both personally and professionally.  As many of you know, last year was quite a devastating year for me, and BOY!…did I ever learn […]