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Experiences That Prepare Students For Life

by Gordon Taylor/Region 10 ESC Executive Director I recently had the privilege of announcing for the Wylie Marching Invitational band contest. That meant reading scripts, thanking sponsors, and making the occasional “lost keys” announcement while 26 marching band performances took place. I’ve been asked over the years to do this type of thing and I […]

New Data Show a Decline in School-Based Bullying

Contact:   Press Office, (202) 401-1576, New data indicate the first significant decrease in school-based bullying since the federal government began collecting that data in 2005, suggesting that efforts at the federal, state and local levels to prevent bullying may be paying off. According to new data from the U.S. Department of Education’s National Center […]

Mondays Musings

Random thoughts by Terry Roper   @r10library Do you ever find yourself reading a phrase and being compelled to read that phrase aloud just to hear it in your ears and roll it around your tongue?  I find some words and phrases to be absolutely delicious and make a list of such words or phrases […]

Reflecting on the connection between music and memory

Random Musings and Reflections by Terry Roper Today, while driving to work, I dropped the last disc of my audio book, [yes, still using physical CDs checked out from public library :)] and facing a long, tortuously slow drive, I twisted around and upside down [while at the red light, mind you] seeking the lost […]