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Great things going on in Region XII! District Dyslexia Awareness Night at Lorena ISD

There is an old saying: “You can’t really understand another person’s experience until you’ve walked a mile in his shoes.” This was the focus for our District Dyslexia Awareness night. We wanted our parents and teachers to gain a better understanding of the challenges our students with dyslexia face in the classroom on a daily basis through a dyslexia simulation in which teachers and parents experienced […]

What’s Going On Inside the Brain of A Curious Child?

Why do birds fly? Why do people sleep? Why? Why? I have a six year old grandson that never stops asking why and this is a good thing! I came across this article posted on Reading Rocket’s November newsletter and found the information quite interesting. So, I wanted to pass it along to you. The […]

Homework, Sleep, and the Student Brain

I can not believe the first week of school has come and gone! I came across this article and I think it will be of interest to many of you as well. The title alone should grab your attention. I am not going to say another word, but you will find this article at So […]

Building Vocabulary using Technology

I recently had the opportunity to collaborate with a small group of teachers preparing for a certification exam. As we worked through the information we came across a word that was not so familiar to some of us. I watched these ladies attack the unknown word with the same skills that our children with dyslexia […]

An interesting research article…

I want to wish everyone a “Happy New Year!” An interesting research article crossed my desk last week. This research was recently posted in the examiner newsletter from The International Dyslexia Association (IDA). The research may provide a possible answer to a popular belief that children with dyslexia may have superior visospatial processing abilities. The findings […]

New Study Wants to Improve Treatment for Dyslexia

I came across this article over the weekend and thought it was worth sharing with you. Neuroscientist, Sarah Laszio at Binghamton University will begin a five year study of 150 children with and without dyslexia. She wants to understand what is going on in the brain while a child is reading. This study will include […]

Texas A&M To Improve Early Literacy Skills For At-Risk Kindergarten Students…

Kayman started kindergarten this year. He is so excited about his new school. Kayman never hesitates to talk about his experiences, such as coloring in the lines. Yeah, he is off to a good start! This little man has no idea that so many people are working hard to ensure that he learns to read. […]