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Social Media Skills

Have you been left behind in the social media whirlwind?  Recently I attended a wonderful webinar by Cathy Hoesterey entitled “Sharpen Your Social Media Skills.”  She provided many compelling reasons to use social media, the most important of which is to create a personal learning network.  Be still my heart!  I always threatened, after I […]

Council for Exceptional Children

  I had the privilege of attending the CEC 2013 Convention and Expo in San Antonio Texas April 3-6, 2013.  Wow!  It was overwhelming trying to select which events to attend from the thousands offered.  The program was 400 pages long so there was no shortage of offerings for any interest regarding the education of […]

Something to Make You App-reciate the iPad

Seven of the best apps for education in 2013 is a link to an article from eschool news.  It covers Voice Dream Reader,  iSolveIt: MathScaled; iSolveIt: MathSquared, Grammar Wonderland, Virtual Human Body, ASCD for iPad, ClassDojo, and Thud! Presidents.  Some are free (always within budget), some were free, some are low cost, and at least one […]

A Case for the iPad

  Special education classrooms that utilize iPads for student use have many concerns!  A big concern is the protection of the investment from falls, throws, stomps, and other hazzards present.  Recently I was given a GoNow case for the iPad, a product available from Attainment Company, Inc.  First of all carrying the item.  The nice […]

26% of Apps are Used Only Once

That’s a frightening thought isn’t it?  I have loads and loads of apps on the 3 iPads that the Region has available for checkout.  I have a hard time remembering why I downloaded them and keeping up with them!  I have equal amounts on my phone and my personal iPad.  So what to do?  This […]

3-is-3 and Early Transition

Guidance Related to Three-is-Three and Provision of Services             The Texas Education Agency and the Education Service Centers have received numerous inquiries related to: “3 is 3” and whether this applies to all children or only children receiving services through ECI; and Providing temporary services for students before evaluations are completed […]

iPad Apps: Cause and Effect

Recently on the QIAT Listserv ( there has been discussion about cause effect apps for students. This particular response was very helpful and wanted to share it here. You are directed to a blog from a mom who documents the journey she took with her daughter as the iPad was introduced. The other reference is […]

The Assistive Technology Daily

This a post from Lynne Deese posted in RESNA PSG-07 Educators. January 1st, 2012 marked the public launch of Assistive Technology Daily, a blog dedicated to sharing assistive technology solutions. As you will soon see, we share technology in a variety of categories that can be easily accessed by the user. New posts are available […]

Reminder for State Performance Plan Indicator 7

The first of the year is an exciting time with many new adventures! Along with the new adventures, however, also come some necessities… This is a reminder that the State Performance Plan Indicator 7 (SPP 7) application opened on January 2, 2013. You may now begin entering information into the web-based system for children ages […]

Tsunami of Assistive Technology

Do you belong to the QIAT Listserv?  This is a wonderful way to stay informed about what is happening worldwide in AT.  Get new ideas, have questions answered.  Here’s the link to subscribe: On 11/19/12  Jacquelyn Criger posted the following about feeling overwhelmed by staying current in AT.  I’m going to copy her message here […]