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What Have WE Learned About the 30 Million Word GAP?

  I think it is very important for parents and educators to stay informed regarding learning research.  So, in my quiet time this morning, I came across an interview with one of the premier researchers regarding the correlation between language development and reading success.  What Dr. Miller has to report is critical information especially for parents and teachers […]

Avoiding the Fog

Today I was reading a paper written by Bill Dagget, Ed.D entitled, Finding Clarity Amid the Fog of External Demands; How Rapidly Improving Schools and Districts are Taking Control and Putting Students First.  In this article he profiles several issues that all schools and school staff face as more mandates and external pressures are placed […]

IQ=Success: NOT!

 I was surfing the blogs I typically read this morning and noticed this one.  It stood out to me since I, too, was reading David and Goliath by Malcolm Gladwell.  The following blog article by Daniel Goleman captures the heart for this book and presents a valuable perspective to educators as we start another new school year; […]

Goodbye Thomas…Goodbye Albert…Sorry We Have Stopped Looking for You…

Today we have a guest blogger, Layne Pethick. As I sit and ponder, I am continually haunted by just one question. It is a question for the ages, one that many a child has asked and many an adult has dismissed. It is a simple question that carries the power to bring a person to […]

The End of a School Year

STAAR is done for many but the school year is not yet over so what should be happening in the classroom?  Teaching and learning, that’s what!  Every school day is an opportunity for a child to learn something new and exciting and these days at the end of the year are too valuable to just […]

State Assessment Time is Here Again!

State assessment time is here again and improved student performance on these assessments is on the mind of every parent, teacher, and campus administrator.  These assessments should be a reflection of what the student has learned over the past year, right?  So how can we help our students learn more and better? I recently read an […]

Homework Tips to Help Make the Evening Go Well

One of the first phrases out of my mouth after I greet my great grandchild who is in kindergarten  is  “Do you have any homework tonight?”  That question is probably repeated in thousands of homes in the Region 10 area every night  to students K-12.  The response may be “yes”, “no” or “do I have to do […]

The Nonverbal Message

We all know that at least 80% of our communication and message are delivered nonverbally.  However, did you also know that how we view ourselves and others is communicated by our nonverbal actions.  Please take time to watch this quick clip; it will help make each of us aware of how we share who and […]

Social Media Skills

Have you been left behind in the social media whirlwind?  Recently I attended a wonderful webinar by Cathy Hoesterey entitled “Sharpen Your Social Media Skills.”  She provided many compelling reasons to use social media, the most important of which is to create a personal learning network.  Be still my heart!  I always threatened, after I […]

Council for Exceptional Children

  I had the privilege of attending the CEC 2013 Convention and Expo in San Antonio Texas April 3-6, 2013.  Wow!  It was overwhelming trying to select which events to attend from the thousands offered.  The program was 400 pages long so there was no shortage of offerings for any interest regarding the education of […]