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Sparky: When ‘Gifted’ Isn’t a Gift – GeekDad

Sparky: When ‘Gifted’ Isn’t a Gift – GeekDad. I really appreciate this post. For some time now, I’ve been preaching the message that we need to stop using the term “gifted” when referring to people with unusually high ability and/or potential. Why? Thinking differently doesn’t make anyone superior to anyone else. Kids are not meant […]

Gifted, talented, misunderstood: 10 Misconceptions

Gifted, talented, misunderstood: 10 Misconceptions. What happens when gifted kids grow up? That question has big implications for both children and adults. What are we doing to prepare our gifted youth for adulthood? How do we perceive gifted adults? I think sometimes we put giftedness in the category of the tooth fairy. It’s fun to […]

The World According to Luke

  Meet Luke, my wonderful, precocious, charming, maddening friend. One of our first conversations went something like this: Luke: Ms. Kay! I ate a chicken pot pie tonight. Kay: Was it good? Luke: Yes, but it had a lot of carbohydrates, and those make you fat. Look at my tummy. Is it skinny? Kay: Yes, […]