Online Technology Integration for Students with Dyslexia

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Conferences provide teachers a venue to meet and collaborate with one another. At the recent Council of Educators for Students with Disabilities, Inc. (CESD) conference I met Kelly Kisiah. She is a ┬ásecondary dyslexia teacher for Industrial ISD. We discussed the benefits of technology in the general education classroom. Kelly’s students are finding success with concept mapping tools.

“One of my dyslexic students was struggling in English with clauses, compound sentences, and complex sentences. His English teacher would give a description of a type of sentence she wanted the students to write. For instance, she asked for a complex sentence that would begin with a dependent clause. We were working through some of the sentences when I remembered the website. I had played around with it briefly when the technology piece came out in May. I quickly created graphic organizers for independent and dependent clauses, as well as, for compound and complex sentences. He immediately understood. He showed the organizers to his English teacher who then made copies to give to the rest of the class. In turn, my student was able to help two other students (average learners) who were struggling with the concept as well. He ended up making an A on his test over sentences. The website was fairly easy to use, and it’s free.”

We would love to hear your story about the integration of technology for students with dyslexia.

Virginia Gonzalez

Virginia Gonzalez

Virginia Gonzalez, State Dyslexia Consultant is housed at Region10 ESC. Virginia has been an educator in Texas for 22 years, and worked as an educational diagnostician, special education teacher and dyslexia therapist. Virginia's years of teaching experience also include working with English Language Learners (ELL). "Mi casa es su casa."

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