Huntington Independent School District

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I am so excited to share this story from Huntington ISD! But, I am going to let Angela Dean, dyslexia teacher, tell the story.

“I wanted to share my story about the dyslexic student in my class with you. We recently received “mobile devices” for our dyslexia program. I wanted to find a way students could use these as assistive technology in their general education room. We were answering some open ended questions about a story so I thought instead of writing their responses, they could use the notepad. This would allow them to type in the answers and print it. The students began to work on their assignment and one of my students said, “Mrs. Dean, you can just push this button (a microphone) and it will type what you say. Would it be okay if I just did that instead of typing the answer?” My response was “OF COURSE!!!” I know this story may seem so insignificant to some, but how awesome for him to be able to teach me and his peers about ways to use technology to be successful in the classroom.”

Thank you Angela for sharing.

Virginia Gonzalez

Virginia Gonzalez

Virginia Gonzalez, State Dyslexia Consultant is housed at Region10 ESC. Virginia has been an educator in Texas for 22 years, and worked as an educational diagnostician, special education teacher and dyslexia therapist. Virginia's years of teaching experience also include working with English Language Learners (ELL). "Mi casa es su casa."

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