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Greeting Texas Teachers!

Some of you may remember me from last summer’s State Dyslexia Summer Institute in Dallas, Texas. Virginia Gonzalez, the State Dyslexia Consultant, had asked me to speak to you about how digital tools can help all children succeed as learners. Since then my co-author, Nicole Ponsford (an award-winning teacher in the U.K. who works with disadvantaged children) and I finished our book, “Techno Teaching: Taking Practice to the Next Level in a Digital World” (Harvard Education Press, 2014).

Nicole felt she was missing out on something important when she didn’t have a chance to meet you last summer. (Her two-year-old son probably wouldn’t have appreciated having her leave the country.) Nicole was interested in learning more about which Techno Teaching ideas have worked for you, as an educator on U.S. soil, and which ones, well, are better left in the rear-view mirror.

This summer, instead of having us visit you in person, Virginia had this great idea about having us share our TechnoTeachers blog with yhou through her blog. This way we can continue to share ideas across thousands of mile (I live in Cambridge, Mass.) and across the Atlantic ocean in Europe!

We would love you to spend a minute or two and check us out, and even drop a line, so please click here to read our blog posts ( Feel free to share our thoughts and theories as tweets or post them to FaceBook. We also have some breaking news! We have decided to take the plunge, and although it is in the early days, we are now working together as eCoaches so we can help (our readers/you) in person or remotely. So, what are you waiting for? Come and give us one of your famous Texas HELLOs! We look forward to chatting to you, smashing down the barriers, and offering you a range of solutions so you too can be a Techno Teacher.


Julie and Nicole

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Virginia Gonzalez

Virginia Gonzalez

Virginia Gonzalez, State Dyslexia Consultant is housed at Region10 ESC. Virginia has been an educator in Texas for 22 years, and worked as an educational diagnostician, special education teacher and dyslexia therapist. Virginia's years of teaching experience also include working with English Language Learners (ELL). "Mi casa es su casa."

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