Interesting article from Delaware Valley Friends School

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As I waited at the copier for my twenty copies, I noticed a discarded article titled, “The Possibility and Pragmatics of Identifying, Implementing, and Assessing the Use of Assistive Technology among LD Adolescents: A Classroom View from the Trenches.” Okay, the title grabbed my attention, but I wanted to know more about the author of this article. Bill Keeney is a CALP, serves on the PBIDA board, and presents on reading at national conferences such as the IDA. I was hooked! In this article he discusses the issues/concerns school districts face and seek to overcome when providing technology to students with disabilities. He states, “The use of assistive technology to help students with learning differences, particularly Specific Language Disability (SLD), is extremely promising, but implementing a coherent plan for assistive technology in such a way that students can use it effectively, independently, and habitually remains a challenge for teachers in the classroom.” He goes on to discuss several principles which guide the implementation of technology. These principles include teacher training, internal rubrics identifying students’ needs, and portability of the desired technology. Bill concludes stating, “We train ourselves to be proficient in both its use and in how to train students in its use. Because we take a pragmatic approach to AT, we are better able to understand which assistive technology is effective for improving overall academic achievement in the classroom, which students will benefit from which technology, and how to convince students to adopt the technology and how to train them to utilize it habitually and independently over the long term in such a way as to improve their academic achievement.”

If you are interested in reading the complete article you can go the Delaware Valley Friends School webpage.

You will also find additional articles of interest! Enjoy reading!

Virginia Gonzalez

Virginia Gonzalez

Virginia Gonzalez, State Dyslexia Consultant is housed at Region10 ESC. Virginia has been an educator in Texas for 22 years, and worked as an educational diagnostician, special education teacher and dyslexia therapist. Virginia's years of teaching experience also include working with English Language Learners (ELL). "Mi casa es su casa."

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2 Responses to “Interesting article from Delaware Valley Friends School”

  1. Lisa Howell says:


    I am so glad you found article interesting and useful! We publish a research-based article from one of our professional educators about 3 times a year, plus other more frequent LDIQ ™ items to build awareness and share our experts’ insights with educators, parents and other professionals who work with LD students.

    Bill Keeney is also doing a webinar on December 9th through Learning Ally on making audio a “killer app” in the classroom.

    Lisa Howell
    Director of Marketing
    Delaware Valley Friends School

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