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A Word From a Rebellious Reader….

At 15, I wanted to be a fashion designer…not a reading specialist or literacy consultant. In fact, reading was the last thing on my mind. After all, whoever heard of getting a date from reading a book? Fast forward one year to the summer between my sophomore and junior year. My sister graduated college and […]

Grammatical Pet Peeves

I hate the word utilize, the non-word irregardless, and the smushed non-word alot, used instead of a lot. Those things make me angry and cause my stomach to hurt. It’s possible I’m over reacting, but I like to think not. Utilize is almost never appropriate. Why use a long word when a shorter one will do? In my […]

Breaking up Is Hard to Do

Life’s too short to read bad books or drink bad tea. That’s my motto. Once upon a time, I was the person who had to finish every book she started on principle. I saw reading as a commitment not to be entered into lightly. If I started a book, I finished it no matter how […]

Join the Conversation!

Part of being a professional educator is gaining perspective from other professional educators.  The Region 10 ELAR Team would like to suggest several ways to to that. 1. Join our listserv. Follow this link: and sign up at the bottom of the page. We’ll let you know about anything new happening with Texas education and […]