Better Late than Never!

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Ok, so I’m something of a Digital Dinosaur.

Those of you who are regular readers may remember a piece Robyn posted in the spring about Audiobooks  (Listen Up!),  enthusing over the joys of listening in her car and the fabulous titles newly  available. “Fantastic,” I remarked, picturing her feeding CDs into her player, “but how do you manage to get to the library so often?”

She looked at me as if I’d grown horns.  “Joan, I borrow them from the library digitally and play them on my phone.”

Oh. Ah. Yes, well. Here’s the thing…

… I DO have a Kindle, I HAVE downloaded books– but borrow audiobooks from the library? That’s a little beyond my scope. Fortunately, another consultant took pity on me, invited me to bring my library card to her office, downloaded Overdrive (which is free), selected my  library, and suddenly I was listening to Audiobooks with the best of them! I can even tell you which narrators have voices so smooth they’re practically liquid.

The benefits, of course, are myriad. I can listen while I drive, while I wash dishes, and particularly when I walk the dog. Boo never minds doing an extra block or two in the morning when I’m at a critical part of the plot. Naturally, there are drawbacks, but they’re the same as with any riveting book: staying up too late, forgetting to pick up the laundry, neglecting to make my family dinner…you know, the usual.

So here’s my advice; find a sympathetic techno-savvy person, throw yourself on his/her mercy, and sign up for Audiobooks. If you happen to be a tech guru, then share your techno-wisdom. It will give you a warm glow and dogs everywhere will have longer walks.


Joan Vaughan

Joan Vaughan

Before coming to Region 10, I taught in two countries, two provinces, two states, two languages, and spent twenty-two years in the classroom. My passion is teaching writing, talking about writing, modeling writing, and discussing writing with kids and teachers alike.

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2 Responses to “Better Late than Never!”

  1. Toni Garrett says:

    I love this post! I never thought about audiobooks, but I’ll give it a try. Thanks, Joan.

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