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Recently I became ill with a stomach bug that my son decided to graciously share with me. And while I was at home in my misery, my colleagues came to the rescue: covering my workshops, bringing me materials I needed, texting to check on me. At first I viewed this as a negative. I sometimes struggle to ask for or receive help. But they came together to do what they felt was best for me. And while they couldn’t stop the virus, they chose to support me, regardless.

This made me think about our mentality with STAAR testing. Personally, I like the test. However, with low scores and pressures for better data, many teachers believe the test is a virus. What if we took a step back and realized that it isn’t going away; there’s no trick to “beat it”. It’s here and we are going through the growing pains of the test. Rather than complain or be upset, could we rally together and support each other? I believe that’s exactly what we need to do!  We can share best practices, make sure we educate ourselves about the test, and keep focusing on our TEKS.

There are positives to STAAR that are overshadowed by the pressures for better data. And rather than wallow in the misery and fear of the challenges we face with this test and the redesign at the high school level, my colleagues reminded me that no matter how “down and out” we are, we all have the choice to support each other and continue to do what is best for each other (and for kids)!

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