A Reader is Born!

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Sometimes things happen that remind me what is important in this world.  One of those things happened to me this week.  I got home about 10:00pm on Monday night and was getting ready for bed when my phone buzzed.  I looked and saw that it was a text message from my sister-in-law.  I opened the message to find a video.  When I tapped the play button, I saw the best sight I could have ever asked to see.  My niece, who has fought her little 10-year-old heart out to learn to read, was READING a book BY HERSELF!  I couldn’t believe it!  We have really worried about whether she would ever learn to do what so many of us take for granted.  She is a brilliant girl with severe reading difficulties.  Thanks to wonderful teachers, she is getting the help that she needs, and she is READING.  It has taken 10 years, but she is doing it.  One little book at a time, she is doing it! Is she on level?…no.  Will she do well on STAAR?… probably not.  BUT, she is now, officially, a reader!!   My niece’s life will change because some teachers have invested in her.

Teachers….your work matters.  Thank you from a grateful aunt!

Robyn Hartzell

Robyn Hartzell

Rebellious Reader & Program Coordinator for ELAR, Library, Dyslexia, and GT/Advanced Academics services

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2 Responses to “A Reader is Born!”

  1. Dedra says:

    Awesome!!! Congrats to your niece. Sounds like a little library is in order from her favorite aunt. Love it and way to go TEACHERS!!! They depend on you!

  2. Stanley Valdez says:

    I loved reading this. It says a lot about those involved with her. The message is clear: don’t give up on people.

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