Beyond Picture Books

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After 27 ¾ years in the classroom, I have begun a new journey as the newest member of the Literacy Team at Region 10.  As honored as I am to be here, I feel a kindred spirit with Scaredy Squirrel!  I have ventured into the Unknown!  As with any new adventure, I’ve taken some wrong turns (mostly down hallways) and experienced some anxiety.  Through it all, I’ve been encouraged by my amazing teammates who have reassured me and helped me build confidence in my abilities to become more independent as an ELA Consultant.

As I reflect on the first four weeks in my new position, I’m reminded of how a growing reader often experiences unfamiliar text.  As teachers, we observe students who have some strategies in place but lack the confidence to apply them consistently.  They may stumble or take a wrong turn, but we have the opportunity to help build their confidence as they develop as a reader.   Our words of encouragement and reinforcement along their reading journey guide them to become independent readers.

I’m thankful that I took the leap of faith into the Unknown!  I’ve discovered a whole new world beyond picture books and I look forward to many new challenges along the way.






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  1. Davia Madariaga says:

    So happy for you! Can’t wait for you to come to GISD and work with our fabulous teachers!

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