What if…

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What if this year we all said “my kids can” rather than “my kids can’t”?

Too often we fall into the trap of believing that our students can’t meet our expectations and so we make the mistake of lowering the bar. What if we all believed that our students can learn at the appropriate grade level, skill level, and rigor level? What if we didn’t allow standardized testing to impact how we teach, and instead, believed that our students will succeed simply because of how and what we teach them? What if we believed that all students could overcome, and bridge learning gaps? What would our classrooms look like and what would instruction look like if we all said, “my kids can”?

I challenge you all to have faith in yourselves as educators and to believe that your students “can” meet any expectation you set for them this school year!

I challenge you to a year of “my kids can”.

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  1. Davia Madariaga says:

    AMEN! Thanks, Sharon!

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