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Year Four EOC…Here We Come!

We are only days away from EOC testing! I am certain everyone is attempting to remind students of the best reading and writing strategies, tackling short answers and reminding students of essay writing tips, etc.  Here’s a last minute reminder of the Big Four reading skills:  making connections, author’s craft, text evidence, and understanding the […]

What if…

What if this year we all said “my kids can” rather than “my kids can’t”? Too often we fall into the trap of believing that our students can’t meet our expectations and so we make the mistake of lowering the bar. What if we all believed that our students can learn at the appropriate grade […]

Just a thought

Recently I became ill with a stomach bug that my son decided to graciously share with me. And while I was at home in my misery, my colleagues came to the rescue: covering my workshops, bringing me materials I needed, texting to check on me. At first I viewed this as a negative. I sometimes […]

Doing what you know is right!

I know that teachers wake up every morning wanting to do what is best for their kids.  Isn’t that why we are in this business?  To make a difference?  Teachers understand the whole picture:  students need to communicate, collaborate, and build character in order to be productive citizens in society.  So why is it that we’ve […]

Grammar Confession

I open myself up for a superfluous amount of scrutiny by stating the following: “Grammar and I are not friends.  You might say, we’re not even on speaking terms.” As an English teacher,  I am supposed to support and believe in the value of grammar when teaching my students to read and write.  But in […]