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Connect Through Giving

The holidays are here!  Thanksgiving is a time of reflection for me and quite possibly for you as well.  I am reminded of the many blessings I’m given daily, and the privilege I have to share those blessings with those around me.  The holidays are a time to connect with family and friends.  Your family […]

With “Empty Nest,” Comes New Discovery

As the parents of a freshman in college, my husband and I have entered the “empty nest” season of our lives. I frequently find myself asking “Did I do all I could’ve done to prepare him for college?” “Can he wash his own clothes? Will he keep his dorm room cleaner than his room at […]

Beyond Picture Books

After 27 ¾ years in the classroom, I have begun a new journey as the newest member of the Literacy Team at Region 10.  As honored as I am to be here, I feel a kindred spirit with Scaredy Squirrel!  I have ventured into the Unknown!  As with any new adventure, I’ve taken some wrong […]