Gifted, talented, misunderstood: 10 Misconceptions

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Gifted, talented, misunderstood: 10 Misconceptions.

What happens when gifted kids grow up? That question has big implications for both children and adults. What are we doing to prepare our gifted youth for adulthood? How do we perceive gifted adults?

I think sometimes we put giftedness in the category of the tooth fairy. It’s fun to play around with it as you’re growing up. Adults celebrate it and reward it in children. Then once the child has all his/her permanent teeth, we stop paying any attention and assume the process is complete. I wonder if we’re missing out.

Kay Shurtleff

Kay Shurtleff

Although my day job is educational consultant for GT/Advanced Academics and ELAR, I also spend ridiculous amounts of down time drinking tea and reading, blogging, tweeting, and playing with language. Writing is a natural outlet, mode of thinking, form of entertainment, and illuminator for me. I'm working on a PhD in gifted education right now, and I appreciate having this forum in which to kick around ideas. Thanks for stopping by G/T-time!

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