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Did you catch this news article?

G/T Test Abnormalities

I don’t know the particulars of the situation, but I do know this. Too often when gifted education gets media attention,┬áit adds to the misconceptions that already exist about the work we do to support gifted learners. Just the title and the mention of putting “hundreds of parents on hold” implies something other than what we know to be true. Educators of gifted children–just like all other educators–work long hours and study data and information in order to make the best possible choices for educational placement for children. I’m not intimately acquainted with the situation, but I’m willing to bet that neither the children nor their parents are “on hold.” Thinking and learning is still happening all around them–regardless of a glitch in the system of a publisher of a standardized test.

Please know my intent is not to criticize this district but only to get us to pause and think. What are we doing to promote misconceptions and stereotypes? What can we do to help stop it?

Kay Shurtleff

Kay Shurtleff

Although my day job is educational consultant for GT/Advanced Academics and ELAR, I also spend ridiculous amounts of down time drinking tea and reading, blogging, tweeting, and playing with language. Writing is a natural outlet, mode of thinking, form of entertainment, and illuminator for me. I'm working on a PhD in gifted education right now, and I appreciate having this forum in which to kick around ideas. Thanks for stopping by G/T-time!

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