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Sparky: When ‘Gifted’ Isn’t a Gift – GeekDad

Sparky: When ‘Gifted’ Isn’t a Gift – GeekDad. I really appreciate this post. For some time now, I’ve been preaching the message that we need to stop using the term “gifted” when referring to people with unusually high ability and/or potential. Why? Thinking differently doesn’t make anyone superior to anyone else. Kids are not meant […]

Disagreeing with Shakespeare

  “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet….” Maybe, but none would smell it if you called it a rotten banana instead of a rose. I’m just suggesting that the Bard may not have hit the nail on the head on this one. Let me explain. We persistently use the term “gifted” […]

Coloring Books? Really?

There’s no denying it: adult coloring books are a thing. I may be the only person I know who doesn’t have one. At first I thought it was just another crazy gimmick, and I just waited for them to go away. Then I started seeing legit articles like this one published.  Then my friends started […]

Workplace Bullying and the Gifted Adult | Crushing Tall Poppies

by Kay Shurtleff/R10 GT & Advanced Academics Workplace Bullying and the Gifted Adult | Crushing Tall Poppies. While I appreciate the sentiment of this article, I’m not sure I completely agree. It’s just my opinion, but it seems that Americans in general tend to feel misunderstood and maybe a little entitled. We think we’re busier, […]

My Annual Pity Party

It doesn’t get any easier. Today marks the 10th first day of school that I don’t have butterflies in my stomach. I’m not full of nervous energy; I’m not second guessing my first day plans; I’m not worrying about spilling coffee on my carefully planned outfit; I’m not frantically learning names; I’m not wondering if […]

Status Update

Is it possible we have the wrong perception of what it means to “identify” a child as “gifted”? If we’re using terms like “got in the gifted program” or “did not get in,” we probably need to hit the pause button and think about our purpose for assessment and identification. Kay ShurtleffAlthough my day job is […]

Creativity and being weird | Business, News, The Philippine Star |

Creativity and being weird | Business, News, The Philippine Star | I appreciate this story for so many reasons. 1.  He points out that just being strange isn’t necessarily creative. Creativity gets a bad reputation from all the bizarro things done in the name of “I’m creative, and you just don’t understand me.” 2. […]


Did you catch this news article? G/T Test Abnormalities I don’t know the particulars of the situation, but I do know this. Too often when gifted education gets media attention, it adds to the misconceptions that already exist about the work we do to support gifted learners. Just the title and the mention of putting “hundreds […]

Reflections on the “Controversy” of Multiple Intelligences

Recently, I’ve heard  raging arguments between those in the Multiple Intelligences (MI) camp and those who don’t think MI is a viable theory. I want to weigh in. And if nobody reads this post, I’ll still have had the cathartic experience of writing it! To my way of thinking, MI is an interesting idea that at […]

Psychomotor Overexcitability or Something Else?

Here is one of my favorite people in a “performance” of his own choosing. He is gifted, funny, energetic, and often on the verge of being in trouble. Fortunately, his parents and teachers recognize that his need for movement is his psychomotor overexcitability–not a disorder that causes him to “misbehave.”  He has parents who make sure he […]