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Advice to Grads: 11 Lessons

Jon Gordon, author of The Seed, posted the following  11 lessons to graduates today.  This was too good not  share so here it is!   11 Lessons for Graduates and You Graduation is a time when many contemplate their future and purpose. It can be both a   time of great excitement and worry. I […]

The Teaching Channel

Have you heard about the Teaching Channel? Teaching Channel is a video showcase—on the Internet and TV—of inspiring and effective teaching practices in America’s schools. It is a rapidly growing community of registered members who trade ideas and share inspiration from each other. With the help of the Tch community, their mission is to revolutionize how […]

Language Differences and Bias

In a telling experiment conducted by Marilyn S. Rosenthal, children were asked to accept a box of crayons and drawing pad from one of two “magic boxes.” The boxes looked identical, but the voices that played from a hidden speaker within each box were different: Steve spoke Standard American English and Kenneth spoke African-American English. […]

On the job, low-tech sometimes beats high-tech

Students are more than the sum of their gadgets. When it comes to real-world job skills, high-tech knowledge isn’t always the last word. Take a look at the following “old-school” skills, along with the tech-friendly methods by which educators can instill them in students. Dinosaur #1:  Writing Often cited as one of the most important […]