Charging the Human Battery: Day 5 Spend Time with Positive People

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thought_1678c“The key to success in life is using the good thoughts of wise people.”

Leo Tolstoy

Many years ago,  I  heard a quote that I have never forgotten: “you will obtain more wisdom by spending an hour with a wise person that you’ll gain by reading twenty books”.  I have made it a point to meet and surround myself with successful and positive people whenever possible.

Money can’t buy happiness but research does tell us that being rich in friends certainly does make a difference.  According to the National Opinion Research Center, the more friends you have the happier you are.  Other medical studies show that close relationships promote health, enhance longevity, and enhance positivity.

Today make time to connect with positive, successful and wise people and take the time to strengthen your relationships with them.  Positive people make us feel more positive so spend time with them today.

Rosemary Manges

Rosemary Manges, Program Coordinator for Inclusive Services, has over 39 years of educational experience ranging from the public school classroom, administration, preparing pre-service teachers at the college level to development of policy at TEA. She is in her 10th year at Region 10.

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