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Build your Class Community: One Strategy

“First things first!”  Build Relationships!!!!!!! There are three facets of a classroom and school environment: 1) the physical environment, 2) the emotional environment, and, 3) the academic environment. Each facet must be intentionally designed and maintained throughout the school year. To establish a positive classroom climate, safe emotional environment, and to begin building community immediately […]

First Day of School

Let me introduce Jeff Charbonneau, the 2013 National Teacher of the Year. Let him remind us what happens when we put kids first.(video ink) The way he builds relationships and learns with his students brings responsiveness and impact to his lessons! Jeff says, “When you get up in the morning,  you have the opportunity to go out […]

DOE Posts Guidance on Bullying

  Severe bullying of a student with disabilities could deny that student’s right to a free, appropriate public education would need to be addressed under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, according to a guidance letter for districts, states and building administrators released today from the U.S. Department of Education A student who is not […]

A Poem Dedicated to All Teachers as the New School Year Begins

Rosemary MangesRosemary Manges, Program Coordinator for Inclusive Services, has over 39 years of educational experience ranging from the public school classroom, administration, preparing pre-service teachers at the college level to development of policy at TEA. She is in her 10th year at Region 10.More Posts

What Makes a Successful Teacher in an Inclusionary Setting?

If you ask a student what makes him/her successful in school, you won’t hear about some fantastic new book, new methodology, or video lecture series; most likely you will hear something like, “It was all Mr. Jones. He cared so much that he just never gave up on me.”  What students take away from a […]

Make a Difference This Year

Sometimes in the hustle and bustle of state and federal accountability news, funding issues, and staffing discussions, those of us in the education field lose sight of why we loved being a teacher.  As a general education and also special education teacher for more years than I want to admit to, I tried to make […]

Change: the Name of Progress

I have been reading a book called Expect to Win  by John Mason and one of the chapters really spoke to me– maybe it will speak to you as well.  Here is a summary of this short but meaningful chapter. Change is a word that should inspire rather than frighten you because it is impossible […]