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Homework Tips to Help Make the Evening Go Well

One of the first phrases out of my mouth after I greet my great grandchild who is in kindergarten  is  “Do you have any homework tonight?”  That question is probably repeated in thousands of homes in the Region 10 area every night  to students K-12.  The response may be “yes”, “no” or “do I have to do […]

Happy Autumn

What a wonderful season full of color, crisp air and the excitement of football!  As the weather gets cooler and the leaves start to change color, it is a time to stop and reflect on the beauty of nature.  Here in Texas we sometimes miss the true change of season but here is a movie […]

Engage Your Students: Start with Active Listening

In an inclusive classroom, there are many levels of instruction and many activities but one thing is common to the success of  all: active listening.  It is a skill that is seldom taught but absolutely necessary to the successful performance of students in any classroom.  The neat thing about this skill is that it can […]

School has Started and Football is Here

School has started and the first game of the football season is behind us.  There are many lessons that can be learned from a great football coach and here is one— Think like a champion.  Follow this advice to think like a champion in life, the classroom or on the field of competition. 1. Champions Expect […]