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Cyperbullying– it is here. Do you know the signs?

    There is no easy cure for cyberbullying. Much of it happens off campus. It’s hard to define—and harder to locate. What educators can do is create a campus and classroom culture in which respect is valued. Teachers can teach their students about digital citizenship and the real-world impact of online actions. But first and foremost, […]

Failure + Second Chances = Learning

This morning I was reading my various sources for blog material and came across this blog by Paul Cancellieri.  He stated so well my own thoughts about the process of learning; taking risks to try something new and the experience of  failure  in that first attempt.  It made me think about how we sometimes only focus […]

FREE Learning Registry and Expanding Resources for Educators

Are you aware of a great new educator resource funded by the Department of Education? The new version of the Federal Registry for Educational Excellence (FREE) is powered by the Learning Registry, an open database for sharing digital learning resources. This partnership provides  customers – educators, parents and students – with a broader inventory of […]

What Are the 7 Mind Frames of Learning?

Today I was reading my most current edition of Education Week  and found a most interesting  blog regarding leadership in the classroom and at school.  I thought that you might be interested in the viewpoint from ‘down under’.  What do you think about this premise? Does attitude determine altitude?   I would be interested in your opinions.  What Are […]

Time to Start Over?

During this time of year many teachers, especially early-career teachers, feel as if negative behaviors and patterns have settled in and become “the way it is” in their classes. These challenges interfere with student learning and undermine your ability to create a nurturing and inclusive classroom environment. Whether it’s constant and disruptive talking, low participation, […]

Welcome 2014: Resolutions

I don’t know about you but every year I try to make some changes for the better but writing resolutions has not always been a successful strategy for me.  Usually my list of resolutions is visible and on track until about January 15th and then real life takes over once again.  However, I ran across […]