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5 Must Dos for the New School Year

Whether a new teacher or a more experienced one, each wants to have a great 2014-15 school year.  Here are 5 “must dos” to ensure your year begins well. 1)  Make connections with your students  In the first few weeks of school, you’re sure to have a lengthy to-do list. Try to remember to spend […]

IQ=Success: NOT!

 I was surfing the blogs I typically read this morning and noticed this one.  It stood out to me since I, too, was reading David and Goliath by Malcolm Gladwell.  The following blog article by Daniel Goleman captures the heart for this book and presents a valuable perspective to educators as we start another new school year; […]

Here Come the CoPs!

 No, no, not that kind of Cop but Communities of Practice (CoPs).  Today’s smart educator needs to become better connected to resources, tools, learning activities, and peers—both inside and outside school. The growth of online communities of practice—often a chief component in professional learning communities—reflects a continued commitment to working collaboratively with your peers toward […]