Graduation Gap Between Minority and White Students is Closing

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New Grad Rate Data Show Gap Between Minority and White Students Is Closing

New data out today show some positive signs in ensuring every student has the opportunity to succeed, no matter their zip code.

Between 2010-11 and 2012-13, the graduation rates for American Indian, black, and Hispanic students increased by nearly four percentage points over two years, outpacing the growth for all students. This also shows that the gap between minority and white students is closing.


This exciting news is one more piece of evidence that America’s public schools are making important progress. America’s high school graduation rate is at a record high, dropout rates are down, and 1.1 million additional black and Hispanic students are attending college since 2008.

We still have work to do in improving educational opportunities for every student, but we are seeing incredible progress, and the credit for this progress goes to America’s educators, families, communities, and students. All of whom are working through major and sometimes challenging changes in our schools.

To view the full article visit the March 2015 National News blog page!

SOURCE: U.S. Department of Education

Retrieved on March 16, 2015



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