The times they are a’changing…..

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Just read a post on LM_Net this morning that gave me pause.  The post referenced an article in New York magazine that dealt with the waning popularity of single-function devices, namely Kindles and Nooks  The article, Here’s What the Future of Reading Looks Like    by  states,  “Last year, for the first time, publishers made more money from digital book sales than sales from brick-and-mortar bookstores, according to a new survey by the Association of American Publishers and the Book Industry Study Group. ”  This comes as no surprise to the w publishing world and guess I shouldn’t be surprised either, seeing how Generations X, Y, and Z seem to be connected to their phone 24/7, using it for time piece, news source, camera, etc.

I do not think this impacts the traditional print book but can see the issues for e-readers that can only read a book, versus a device albeit smaller with built-in distractions,    Personally, I have a Nook that is gathering dust on the shelf next to the print books I regularly check out from my public library.  I have downloaded books on my phone but am more likely to use my phone to listen to an audio book that read a book on it.  Feeling like I am caught between two worlds but hanging on to the traditional book [always!] and trying to keep up with digital trends.  Is it just me?  

Discuss amongst yourselves…..;30633b59.1406

Terry Roper

Terry Roper

Terry Roper, Library Consultant for Region 10 ESC. has been an educator/librarian in the North Texas area for 22 years. She has worked on elementary and high school campuses as well as central administration. Ms. Roper has experience dealing with English language learners of all levels and works closely with the Region 10 Literacy Team. Terry loves dealing with literacy and information dissemination and talking about book stuff!

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